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 Temat postu: questions about clothing, GPS, etc.
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I have a few additional questions regarding Yosemite.

How cold does it get at night in mid August? I just saw another post saying some roads are still closed and won't open until July 1st. There is probably not going to be snow in mid August, but may still be cold, so I just want to make sure to have brought enough cloth, especially since my parents are coming with us as well.

Is there a specific address for the visitor's center that I can punch into the gps? I didn't try the gps, but using google map, if I just put yosemite national park as the destination, it seems to take me to a road that loops around instead of a specific place or parking lot.

This may be an obvious question - I probably should bring some flashlight/spotlight for star gazing at night, right?

Are the roads open 24 hours a day? I think I read somewhere saying some roads close after sunset. Just want to make sure I can leave late at night to go back to motel.

Thank You!!!

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