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8 Suggestions To Enable You To Get That Raise 8 Tips To Enable You To Get That Raise

Nobody likes going in to ask the boss for a raise Luca Sbisa Golden Knights Jersey , but everybody likes getting one! Unfortunately, occasionally the only method to get the boss to hike your pay would be to go in and ask. This could be a bit stressful and awkward, but here's 8 tips you can use to make asking easier and better your chances of getting that well deserved pay increase.

1. Be Prepared. You cannot just burst into your bosses office demanding a raise - you need a plan of action. List all the projects you have completed since your last pay increase. Make note of how successful they have been and how they've elevated productivity or saved the company money. If you've accrued any new job skills make a list of these as well. Also write down any special skills or knowledge you bring to the job. Find out what the typical raise or salary is for somebody in your position. Go in ready with the facts and it will likely be hard for your boss to argue with you!

2. Always ask for more than you really want. It is the bosses first instinct to negotiate and she or he will inevitable attempt to talk you down. By asking for a bit more than what you really want then you might finish up getting what you really wanted in the first place! If they say yes at your first price then you've got a bonus!

3. Anticipate to negotiate. You may want to attempt other ways of getting a raise too, like additional vacation time Keegan Kolesar Golden Knights Jersey , employee perks or more time off. All of these may be just as good (if not better!) than an actual amount of money.

4. Select your time wisely. Avoid selecting a Monday or Friday because that's typically when bosses are at their busiest. Based on research, people are most receptive after lunch on Tuesday or Wednesday. At any rate, attempt to choose a time when your boss will have a few spare minutes and will not be distracted with other issues. If you are afraid of being interrupted during your request, ask to speak to your supervisor for a few minutes after hours.

5. Do not get upset or yell if your boss objects to your raise at first. After all Jonathan Marchessault Golden Knights Jersey , you're being paid to do a particular job, and now you're asking for more money to do exactly the same job. Be professional and polite all the time, and listen more than demand. Chances are, if your supervisor doesn't award you a raise Jon Merrill Golden Knights Jersey , they may hint at what else might be done to earn it. If they do not, don't be afraid to ask what actions would be necessary to "prove yourself".

6. Don't threaten to quit in the event you do not get what you want. He might just call your bluff and allow you to go!

7. Be confident and get straight to the point. No beating about the bush. Just come right out and state your facts and factors you think you deserve a raise. If you have "Thank You" notes from customers or letters from the company praising you for a job well done, bring those to your meeting as well, as they'll assist to cement your request and remind your supervisor of your role inside the business and its progress.

8. Don't compare your self to coworkers or speak about them negatively. This may only make you look bad in the bosses eyes.

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