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Before going into it. Just an illustration of one of these. Made a few posts in the past buy maplestory mobile mesos about this as have others. These services are used by gamers for the previous 2 years in Maplestory. They were only blocked this year on May the 22nd which was when major DDOS attacks were happening and Maple had lots of downtime. When they resolved the problems nobody managed to connect with these services. Most probably blocked alongside everything else.

Since that time, others and I haven't only made an effort to get in touch with these services concerning the issue connecting to Global Maplestory, but we have also contacted Nexon relating to this via service. Both services told me they could no longer connect either even after conducting a number of evaluations and trying different things. I've gotten mixed responses from Nexon. I don't believe the first one understood what I was inquiring as he just said he'd pass it on to the developers. I tried again a few months later and was met with another response.

Because you can view them appear to think it's just like any other private network. VPNs are obviously contrary to the TOS and while W[tfast and Battleping are both private networks that they alone should not be blocked since they're utilized by thousands of players who suffer with high latency. Battleping also utilizes the users IP address to login before connecting via the US server that Nexon will be able to see I would assume.

In addition, he says the game should be playable without these services providing you have a broadband connection which is really not true. The delays are clear as day and not everyone lives close to the servers in the usa. Without these solutions the general gameplay experience is not smooth. There are noticeable delays in strikes and buffing. Also attempting to pull off a dual flash leap near to instantly is impossible without these services.

You merely need to unblock them. I discovered that this too. Maplestory2 Mesos Because you can see this is fairly recent. I really don't know whether they are still attempting to get it working together with the development group but a word on this could be fine.

Finally these services are a NEED, not a want for MMO gaming and online gambling in general. They encourage 80+ MMO games and if you go to any one of their forums and ask whether the usage of these services such as Battleping is allowed they will tell you that it's. There is absolutely no explanation as to why these ought to be blocked. Not everybody who is in GMS service area is on 20-50ms ping. A number people have 200+ms ping particularly from Australia.Please do something about it. Maybe touch base with these and see if you can restrict access to such services only.

Their big two-handed weapons tend to cover most if not all the owner's body obscuring it in the perspective of the world. Perhaps you bought a pleasant Nexon overall or perhaps fuse-anviled a cool looking armor into yours but it's sad that it is not visible once you're standing idle or perhaps walking. Well after hours (such as 5 minutes) of extreme (casual) thinking and planning I have invented an answer to that issue.

Presenting the Holster it is a piece of Nexon gear which goes in the cape slot in the Nexon tab which enables the user to "place their weapon away" when they're walking or standing at a similar fashion to idle Demon Avengers, Cannoneers or even Zero. The thought of this Holster is that in case you believe your weapon looks nice enough without the need to conceal it with another Nexon weapon or if it just covers your entire body obscuring your avatars body from existence then this bit of gear will help.

Disadvantages: It goes within the cape slot so no cape for you. Conclusion: This is merely a measly suggestion and im not gonna insect Nexon for eternity if it is ignored but I thought it would be a fun idea to share with people. Comment about what you think. And DA possess their weapon automatically slung on their backs when not in battle is a lot more appealing than the weapon being held in this manner that hides the body (and sometimes, the face as well).

(Funny thing is that 2H swords really have scabbards in the game. You find that the scabbard in your back when you are climbing a rope or ladder. Nonetheless, it seems that if you're just walking around you would rather have that dangerously sharp sword right alongside your face maplestory discussion ...)However, I believe that with the way MapleStory does its own character making, it would actually be less painful to change e.g. 2H Swords to act like Desperados, than it would be to introduce a "Cape" that shows that the current weapon's hilt when at rest, and leads to the character's arms to hang their sides.

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