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 Temat postu: The Falcons showed how they can get back to the Super Bowl
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The Rams didn’t make it easy on them. Aaron Donald harassed Matt Ryan all night long. He finished with just half of a sack and one hit, his presence was felt. His pressure disrupted Ryan’s timing and forced him into less-than-ideal throws., but even on the plays where he didn’t take Ryan down

The Falcons had to settle for field goals on four of six scoring drives. But things shifted for Atlanta in the third quarter, when they finally got a consistent ground game going. That, short passes let the Falcons hold on for a win., coupled with the defense’s success in limiting Jared Goff’s chances to hit Todd Gurley with quick

Gurley was productive on the ground, and the Falcons took Gurley essentially out of the passing game. He’s averaged 52.5 receiving yards per game this season with six touchdowns through the air. He had only four catches for 10 yards on Saturday night., with 101 yards. But Goff relies on the ability to hit Gurley with short passes to keep the offense moving

The Falcons defense is much improved this season. They finished 2017 ranked in the top 10 in both scoring and yards allowed. The speed Dan Quinn has installed on defense showed up big on Saturday.

This was most evident on the Rams’ possession right before the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. The Rams had a first-and-goal from the Falcons’ 8-yard line. After a 3-yard completion on first down and an incomplete pass on second, but he was blanketed and didn’t actually catch it. The touchdown was overturned on review., Goff hit Tyler Higbee in the end zone

Los Angeles was trailing 26-13 and had one more chance to pull within a touchdown of the Falcons. Deion Jones got away with a hold when he knocked down Goff’s pass that was intended for Sammy Watkins on fourth down. But that pretty much locked it up for the Falcons.

sound tackling made all the difference.,The speed on defense and sure

Aaron Donald came after Matt Ryan relentlessly, as he does. And the best way to slow down that pressure is to establish a ground game. The Falcons were able to get some traction on the ground, holding onto the ball for nearly two-thirds of the matchup., especially in the third and fourth quarters. They dominated time of possession

Devonta Freeman finished with 66 yards and one touchdown, and Julio Jones even had a nifty 13-yard end around., despite slipping and sliding on the horrible turf conditions in the Coliseum. Tevin Coleman had 40 yards

Atlanta couldn’t have done this without its offensive line. Freeman even had some help on his second-quarter touchdown. Center Alex Mack physically tackled Freeman into the end zone to take a 13-0 lead.

This Falcons team has been up-and-down all year. But now they’ll go to Philadelphia to take on an Eagles team that hasn’t looked quite the same with Nick Foles behind center instead of Carson Wentz.

A month ago, the Eagles were 10-2 as they headed into their Week 14 matchup with the Rams. The Falcons were 7-5, and any hope of the playoffs hinged on a strong regular-season finish. And that's exactly what happened; Atlanta beat New Orleans and won two of their last three games to land the sixth and final wild-card spot., were hosting the NFC South-leading Saints

The Eagles, coaches and Foles' teammates., meanwhile, have seen their fortunes turn. Yes, they beat the Rams that afternoon but franchise quarterback Carson Wentz suffered a torn ACL and his season is over. His replacement, which is an understandable cause for concern for Eagles fans, Nick Foles, hasn't even been replacement level

On paper, this is exactly what the Eagles want: the top seed with home-field advantage facing the sixth seed that did the heavy lifting against an explosive Rams team, is much more complicated. Because Nick Foles isn't Carson Wentz and coach Doug Pederson is now tasked with finding a way to win -- without his best player while facing one of the postseason's hottest teams., and in the process insuring that Philly wouldn't have to face the fourth-seeded Saints. The reality, however

In Week 7, who had the unenviable job of trying to replace Kyle Shanahan, the Falcons were 3-2 and coming off back-to-back home losses to the Bills and Dolphins. And while Matt Ryan and Julio Jones remained the centerpiece of the offense, was ID'd as the culprit., it otherwise looked nothing like the outfit that ranked No. 1 in the league a season ago on their way to the Super Bowl. Gone was the run-pass balance and along with it, the Falcons' offensive identity. New offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian

Whomever was to blame the criticism was fair; the loss to Miami looked a lot like last Saturday's game against the Rams: The Falcons dominated the first half. Inexplicably, they abandoned that first-half game plan -- which relied heavily on the running game -- and when it was over, and they didn't stop running till the final whistle., they had found a way to lose to Jay Cutler and the Dolphins. There were no such mistakes in Los Angeles. The Falcons ran early, they ran often

Of Atlanta's 72 total offensive snaps, 76-yard drive that ended in a Matt Bryant field goal to give the Falcons a 16-10 lead. Of those 16 plays,Womens Shaquill Griffin Jersey, 39 were runs. They controlled the ball for 37:35, 12 were runs. And when you see DeVonta Freeman doing things like this:, including 13:07 in the third quarter, which started with the Falcons getting the ball and going on a 16-play

"It was tough sledding,Womens Delano Hill Jersey, and it shook out the way we wanted it to.", for sure,Womens Arthur Brown Jersey," Ryan said, via, and we were very clear about our plan coming into this game, "but we felt like that was our best plan for success,Womens Arthur Brown Jersey, and the guys bought into that. We all had that belief

This is a far cry from what we saw in that Dolphins home loss but credit to Falcons coach Dan Quinn not panicking. Of course, he's been here before; a year ago, the Falcons were 4-4 before righting the ship., the Falcons started 4-1 before back-to-back losses had everyone outside the building doubting a team that looked great on paper. A few months ago

"We'll reset it and get right to it because in our league you've got to go back and get ready to play again, but you don't really get tested until you're in the fire."," Quinn said in October. "You've got to get the corrections first. All of the ones are teaching moments

The Falcons passed their first test against the Rams in part because they didn't get away from one of their strengths.

not exactly. Playoff expediency did.,Playoff experience didn’t beat the Rams Saturday

The Atlanta Falcons made no turnovers. They identified the Rams’ rush defense as a sore they could irritate, when they needed to. They needed to remove Todd Gurley from the passing game and they did that, and they did. They punted when they should have, too., and they kicked field goals, from 54 and 51 yards

They checked all the boxes they could find and they won, 26-13, glorious lap., breaking the Rams’ express after one long

Jared Goff was repeatedly asked to mouth the we-had-a-good-season speech. It should give hope to Rams fans that he would not.,Afterward

“It (stinks) to have to quit playing, they would have beaten us then,” Goff said. “We’ve got some really good dudes in there. The more big games you can play, too.”, the better off you are. As far as playoff experience goes, I don’t even know what that means. You just play the game and they played it better than we did. If this had happened two weeks ago like this

the Pro Bowl returner who muffed a punt and fumbled a kickoff,Often the quarterback has to bear the cross when a season dissipates. Goff left that honor to Pharoh Cooper, and the Falcons took those chances to score 10 points.

the second one I know he wishes he had back,“The first one was a fluke,” Goff said. “Those special teams guys have won games for us all year.”

considering he was belabored by the pass rush on the first two series,Goff was actually fine, and that the Rams ran only 10 plays in the first quarter and six in the third. They only had the ball for 22:25. That wasn’t enough bandwidth for all the musicians in the band.

” Goff said,“We had to wait to settle into the game, “but we’ve done that before.”

Goff actually made enough big plays. At the end of the first half he drilled Robert Woods with a beautiful 39-yarder down the middle, to set up what might have been a touchdown try if Rob Havenstein hadn’t been caught holding. Sean McVay chose the field goal there and a 13-10 deficit.

Goff whisked the Rams downfield in a hurry, without blowing a timeout. He went 11 for 13 on that drive until he threw what appeared to be a 5-yard score to Tyler Higbee. At that point there was 2:16 left and the Rams didn’t need to kick onside,Even after the Falcons went ahead by 13, with all three time outs in hand.

and the Rams had to pick up a fourth-and-5. Deion Jones, Catch Or Not A Catch, one of a horde of quick and brazen Atlanta defenders,But then Higbee fell victim to that popular game show, broke up the try to Sammy Watkins.

” Aaron Donald said. “We got down, Authentic Shaquill Griffin Jersey,and we made some mistakes we shouldn’t have made,“That’s what I feel good about, but our guys came out and fought.”

couldn’t find Gurley on those screens and flares that have overloaded defenses all year. Although Gurley got 101 rushing yards, he caught four balls for just 10 yards. Even on a short week and with travel,Goff had three completions for 20 or more yards. He just didn’t make enough little plays that could sprout into big ones,Authentic Nazair Jones Jersey, the Falcons found the instruction manual and followed it rigidly.

” McVay said. “We only tried one of those screens,“Really we just didn’t have enough plays, Authentic Delano Hill Jersey,and they were in a jam structure early on and forced an incompletion. It really goes back to the rhythm. We weren’t able to get enough plays off.”

The Falcons filled the box with as many as nine defenders and overpopulated the middle and the flat. Then their cornerbacks won more man-to-man battles with the L.A. receivers than they lost.

a tactic that worked better after Michael Brockers, the left defensive end,Womens Nazair Jones Jersey,Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian also dodged the pitchforks for another week by calling 39 runs,Authentic Arthur Brown Jersey, left with a knee problem.

“Michael has been so stout for us,Authentic Tyler Lockett Jersey,” McVay said. “They did a good job of getting runs off consistently.”

The observant Falcons noted that the Rams were 30th in a 32-team league in yards given up per rush (4.7).

” Ryan said, “but the best thing is that we stayed with it even though we didn’t do much with it in the first half. We thought our offensive line could lean on them. It was tough sledding for sure,“We thought we might be able to crease them,Authentic Arthur Brown Jersey, but it was our best plan for success.”

who set up his blockers and burst for 52 yards. Two plays later, Ryan flipped a screen to Mohamed Sanu, Ryan slipped on the annoyingly slick turf but still was able to lob an 8-yard score to Julio Jones,The Falcons needed only one home run and they got it with 7:22 left in the third quarter. Working against a corner blitz, for the 13-point lead.

but the wealth of it helped Atlanta. Last year the Falcons won the NFC and then, as you might have heard,You could probably say the lack of experience didn’t necessarily hurt the Rams, let a 25-point lead evaporate in the Super Bowl. Some of them were around in 2012 when the Falcons came within a play of beating San Francisco for the NFC title. This was Ryan’s ninth playoff start. The amplified Coliseum noise was just a low buzz to them.

“You have to keep yourself in a mental space where you’re not worried about the finality of the game,” Ryan said. “The challenge is to stay locked in and keep your mindset on execution.”

The Rams may be great or disappointing in 2018 but they won’t be the same. Their schedule will be tougher and certainly more disjointed, with more prime-time games. They probably won’t have a healthy offensive line for 16 games. The new-team smell that pervaded Thousand Oaks all season won’t return.

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