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Getting Ready for a Hearing

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May Need to Clarify Things for the Attorney

During a hearing for benefits, claimants will generally answer questions posed by an administrative law judge and a disability attorney. Wheaton experts, like vocational specialists who know statistics about the regional job market, may also be called to testify.

When a claimant is speaking to an attorney, the legal expert may give prompts such as ÔÇťIn the past, youÔÇÖve told me about how your anxiety makes it hard to go shopping for groceries. Could you tell me more about that so the judge can hear the details?ÔÇŁ

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A Lawyer May Ask About a ClaimantÔÇÖs Background

While speaking with a disability attorney, Wheaton claimants should also be prepared to describe their backgrounds, including whether or not they ever attended college or received vocational training. A lawyer will also usually bring up the kinds of jobs a claimant has had, and inquire about whether it was hard for the person to handle the demands of the work in relation to other coworkers.

Background information serves two purposes: First, it identifies whether a claimant may be at an educational disadvantage that would make it harder to find work. A personÔÇÖs background information can also suggest to a judge and vocational expert whether a person may be eligible to do another kind of work thatÔÇÖs more suitable to an individualÔÇÖs impairments. Many people are interested in getting into agility dog training - it may be cold outside, but don't stop your dog from getting the training it needs. Even with an American Pit Bull Terrier, dog agility training is an excellent activity that can be fun for both you and your dog.

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You can really be ahead of the pack and have two sets of eight jumps.

Remember, during the cold winter months - don't give up on your agility dog training!
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