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P4P Problem with RC USB (Sony Experia XZ)
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Autor:  aaronpawlak [ 13 Kwi 2018, 16:03 ]
Temat postu:  P4P Problem with RC USB (Sony Experia XZ)


I've just recived my P4P today, after the unboxing and fully charge the battery and the RC, I've started the RC and then the P4P, I've plugged my Sony Experia XZ (USB-C) with the RC but it seems like the phone didin't even recognize that I've plugged somthing with it, the dji go 4 app displays that I'm not connected, I have USB debegger mode enabled.
Is this a problem with by Android version 7 ? or my Sony Experia XZ being the latest Sony smartPhone ?

Please help.

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